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Quickrelease P2V+ (swap Vision+ for GoPro and still use the APP)

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The Quickrelease is developed for the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. With the quickrelease you will be able to exchange the Vision+ camera/gimbal for another camera/gimbal (for example the Zenmuse with GoPro) and still use the Vision+ app for youre FPV live view.  We are not using the wifi functionality of the Gopro, but we use the AV-Video output of the Gopro to see the footage directly and realtime on your DJI vision App (so no delay of FPV). The Quickrelease let the Phantom ‘think’ the original camera is attached, therefore you also can fly the Phantom 2 without any camera on it and still have full flight info on the Vision+ APP. Future development will make it able to not only connect the Zenmuse with GoPro but also other 3d party camera’s like the Panasonic Lumix GM1 or the Sony RX100 series.

Wat are the sleeves add-on?
The sleeves are need to attach your gimbal. If you only want to use the Zenmuse you can use only add the Zenmuse sleeve, if you want to use both the Vision+ and the Zenmuse you will need to order both sleeves.


What’s included:
– Connection material
– Dronexpert Quickrelease



Question: Which option’s do i need?
If you want to use the Zenmuse with GoPro on the Vision+ you also need to order the Zenmuse sleeve option. This sleeve makes it possible to attach the zenmuse into the quickrelease. If you want to keep using the Vision+ you also need to order the Vision+ sleef also. With both sleeves you will be able to switch the camera/gimbal within seconds. With Zenmuse/gopro mounted on the quickrelease you will still be able to use the Vision+ app. With the Vision+ app you will have live video link and you will be able to tilt with the included 7th channel feature (slider on RC). Note that video recording and shooting images stays the same way as it normally is with the gopro (so before the flight you press record for example). The DRonin and Sunshield add-on is optional. The DRonin will enable you to record video like a ‘DJI Ronin’ but then with your Phantom and the Sunshield gives you better view when the sun shines (anti sun glare).


Question: I have a broken Vision+ gimbal. Can I attach the Zenmuse with GoPro with the Quickrelease?
Answer: Yes, with the Quickrelease you can mount the Zenmuse and GoPro on the DJI Phantom Vision+ and still use the Vision+ APP for live view and tilting.


Question: Can I do remote shutting on the Vision+ APP when I use the Zenmuse and GoPro?
Answer: You can do remote ‘shutting’ with the GoPro smart remote (not with the vision+ app), the Vision+ APP only is used for video link (live FPV) and tilting and on screen information. With the RX100 camera you will able to shut, tilt, have FPV and zoom with the Vision+ APP though (future development).


Question:What are Zenmuse or Vision+ sleeves?
Answer: These sleeves can be assambled on your gimbal. If you want to use the Zenmuse gimbal on the Vision+ you will need the Zenmuse sleeve also (to mount the Zenmuse on the Quickrelease).


Question: Can I tilt the Zenmuse/GoPro with the Vision+ APP?
Answer: Yes, you can tilt with the Vision+ APP


Question: What do you mean with 7th channel and where can i use it for?
Answer: Now you also can tilt with a separate (included) slider/lever under the DJI Controller. For example, you have a interesting object to capture, while recording you want the object at the centre of your camera and for nice shots you want to fly around it and use the tilt function, This won’t be possible with only the iPhone app cause you have to remove one hand from control stick to use the iPhone app  (which result in a not-controllable phantom). With the 7th channel you can fly around an object with both hands on the controls and still ’tilt’ at the same time.


Question: Can i update the Quickrelease?
Answer: Yes, you can update the Quickrelease with the USB port. Download the latest firmware here:


Question: The RX100 mount is compatible with which marks?
Answer: The RX100 mount is compatible with the RX100II and RX100III. Not with the RX100 mark 1 since it has no multiport.







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